What Happens when my Baby is Born?

momandbabyMany mothers stay with us until we help them secure permanent housing and we will be here to help you provide a wonderful start to life for your baby.

Your baby will be close to you in your room, so that you can provide all the love that a newborn needs. You provide the love, and we can provide for the material needs such as a crib, clothing, diapers, wet wipes, and other items such as toys. Extra rooms are available for women with more than one child. A woman’s age is not a factor.

We will help you build a future for you and your child by helping you connect to the wide array of social services including Subsidized Housing, Food Stamps, free Medical Insurance for families and children, Educational Opportunities, State provided EBT Cash Assistance, Job Placement, Free Cell Phone, etc…

Please call us right now at 401-625-5929 for direct assistance. We’re here to help – Call anytime.  You may have to let it ring for a while but someone will pick up.


Little Flower Home – Box 40216, Providence, RI  02940